Answers to Common


What is a Tomah Lumber home?

A Tomah Lumber home is a home built with integrity, combining traditional building values with today's modern comforts and amenities. Tomah Lumber homes are elegant, functional, and can be customized to your unique style and preferences.

Why should I build a home with Tomah Lumber?

You will experience a commitment to quality in all our services including design, customer service, and home construction. With superior attention to detail, we make sure that each home we craft is done right, down to the last nail driven. We select the highest quality materials from the area's top suppliers and cultivate working relationships with the best subcontractors in the area.

Personal attention to each project is part of our commitment to superior workmanship. We bring our best each day to make sure you are satisfied with the crucial investment in your home.

What is Tomah Lumber's service area?

Tomah Lumber's home designers and builders typically build within one hour of Tomah, Wisconsin.

How much does a Tomah Lumber home cost?

Building your new home will be one of the largest single investments of your life. Tomah Lumber constructs the best built homes in the area, while giving you the highest value for your dollar. Our expert home planners can help balance your dreams with your budget. Choose between our many home models, or we can customize a home to suit your liking.

The price for prebuilt homes in our Stoneridge Estates and Hillcrest Estates subdivisions is listed along with standard construction features. The cost of each custom home will vary, but in the early stages of the planning phase we can guarantee a reasonable price.

Will you build a Tomah Lumber home on a budget?

When you have selected a model or your custom design is finalized, we will provide you with a detailed bid. Tomah Lumber stands behind each bid provided.

Some homeowners' ideas may change during the building process. We make every effort to accommodate changes while staying within your budget. If requested changes will exceed the defined budget, we will let you know immediately to avoid any surprises at closing time.

Can my Tomah Lumber home be customized to my own design or floor plan?

Tomah Lumber supports your involvement in the home building process. You can customize specific details for one of our established designs, or we can work with a plan you have created. We listen to each customer, providing the individual care needed to build a home that fits your budget and personal style.

Can I do some of the work myself?

Tomah Lumber encourages you to be as involved in the home building process as you desire. If you would like to do some of the construction to stay within a budget or add features, you are welcome to do so. We also provide estimates for the cost of materials for our designs if you wish to build one of our homes independently.

How long will it take to build my Tomah Lumber home?

Your home will be complete in approximately six to eight months. The length of time it takes to build a home can be impacted by the time of year and the detail of any customizations. Tomah Lumber is committed to keeping you informed of the progress of your building project. You can rest assured that your home will be completed on time.

How are Tomah Lumber homes built?


We start by obtaining all the necessary permits. Then the proper setback requirements and elevations are staked out, and the basement is excavated. Next, the footings and the foundation walls are poured, and the mason installs both inside and outside drain tile. Plumbing is then installed in the basement floor, and the foundation is back filled.

At this time we coordinate utilities including electrical, gas, sewer, and water laterals. Next, the building is framed with the highest quality building materials: treated sill plates, Douglas fir floor joists, TJI joists, engineered floor trusses, OSB floor and wall sheeting, 2'x6' walls, house wrap, engineered roof trusses, and OSB roof sheeting.

Utilities, Insulation, Roofing, & Siding

When the framing is completed, subcontractors rough in the plumbing, heating, and electrical. We then insulate, foamseal, and poly the home to insure it is warm, tight, and energy-efficient.

Meanwhile, the shingles and siding are installed. Stone accents are optional.

Finishing and Move-in

The drywall contractor hangs the sheetrock and tapes, textures, primes, and paints the walls and ceiling of your home with a high quality off-white enamel paint. Experienced trim carpenters install the doors, casings, railings, cabinets, countertops, closets, bathrooms accessories, locksets, and all the finishing touches.

Next, the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors complete the interior package. The floor coverings are installed, and each nail hole is filled. Finally, your home is cleaned by our professional cleaning crew. Your new home is now ready to move in!

Are Tomah Lumber homes covered by a warranty?

Yes! You can relax knowing that when you purchase a home from Tomah Lumber, we will go the extra mile to protect your investment!

Tomah Lumber offers a basic "One Year Plus" warranty for one year after your home is completed. We also offer "Plus Coverage" and "Additional Coverage". Tomah Lumber makes every effort to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied. This written warranty provides you peace of mind knowing Tomah Lumber will assist you in protecting your investment.


Basic Coverage for all Tomah Lumber homes
Tomah Lumber's limited warranty provides protection against any structural or workmanship defect for a period of one year on any home that Tomah Lumber constructs, commencing on the original date of possession.


Tomah Lumber is so confident in our skilled carpenters' abilities that we extend a two-year limited warranty on workmanship defects.


Your home is built with a variety of products including windows, doors, roofing, faucets, light fixtures, and locksets. These products each have specific warranties and are guaranteed by the individual manufacturing company.

Exclusions from Tomah Lumber's Warranty
- Non-structural stress cracks in concrete are not considered structural defects (concrete will crack in this climate, although we make every effort to control the location of these cracks).
- The effects mother nature may have on the landscaping of your home. The landscaping is installed; however, the maintenance responsibility rests with the homeowner.
- Any damage caused by neglect, improper maintenance, or intentional or improper operation.
- Failure to comply with manufacturer's warranty requirements.
- Damage caused by dampness or condensation due to failure of maintaining proper indoor relative humidity levels.
- Normal wear and tear or normal deterioration.